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Mission Patches Collection Silver Luggage (21/26/29")

Mission Patches Collection Silver Luggage (21/26/29")

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Mission Patches Luggage. Hardhead In pursuit of perfection through fanatical attention to design and functionality, HARDHEAD is committed to presenting outstanding luggage, backpack and travel accessory products with the simplicity, purity, sophistication and balance it strives to maintain. , so that all customers can feel the best experience when traveling or traveling in the cities.

Go and find what you love! HARHEAD is ready with this whenever you are ready to have an adventure.

• Rigid suitcases with multidirectional swivel wheels.
• Extendable zipper in the 3 pieces.
• Strong and ergonomic aluminum telescopic handle.
• Polyester lining.
• Computer equipment.

Each piece features a fully lined interior, a small zippered pocket on the inside, and elastic packing straps for better organization.

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